Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis
Third Stage of Raising Monarchs

The monarch butterfly chrysalis stage of life cycle of the monarch butterfly is next.

What a fascinating transformation to observe....from Monarch caterpillar to Monarch chrysalis!

About 12-24 hours after the caterpillar goes into the "J" position, you will notice subtle changes taking place. The caterpillar changes slightly in color to bluish-green and the antennae become limp.


The caterpillar also becomes somewhat limp and straightens.


Watch carefully and you will see the caterpillar move and expand inside the skin. The skin on its back splits from the bottom on up. A shiny green chrysalis is slowly unveiled!!


The skin shrivels to the top. Then, the chrysalis "dances"......until the skin falls off. AMAZING!


This all happens in a matter of minutes. The shiny green chrysalis with yellow bands changes in appearance over the first hour or two. Its shape changes slightly and the yellow bands disappear. It becomes a soft green color.

After it hardens, gold dots and a beautiful golden “necklace” decorate it.

The fourth and last stage is the beautiful, miraculous Butterfly!!

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