Striking Gulf Fritillary

by Christine Nathaniel
(Mc Allen Texas)

Taken at an outdoor butterfly park in Mission Texas.

Karen says:
Thank you for the beautiful picture of a gulf fritillary butterfly. The underside of the wings of these butterflies, as seen in this picture, I think are more beautiful then the top side...which are mostly orange with a few spots and markings. The host plant of the gulf fritillary butterfly is the passionflower vine. This is where the female butterfly lays its eggs and the food of its caterpillar.

Gulf Fritillary

by Susan Allen
(Pitkin, Louisiana)

A very common butterfly in our gardens at Allen Acres from July to Frost.

Gulf Fritillary in Ft. Lauderdale

by J. Keith Tillery
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

June 21, 95 degree day, caught this one going from flower to flower of the salvia plants.

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Striking Gulf Frit
by: Mary Oppman

I agree the underside of their wings is amazing to look at. Here in the bright Florida (don't know if you are from Fla) but the underside shimmers like polished silver....I have never seen anything like it!

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